Two-Way Texting Devices

Let Your Thumbs Do the Talking!

If you don’t need amplification talking on the phone, a device capable of texting may be a better fit. This could mean a phone or a tablet. The majority of our patients who utilize their benefit choose a tablet because they already have a smartphone. A tablet can also be used more easily to text with both hands. These devices are typically powered by Android, which is very similar to iOS.

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7” Tablet
      Flagship-level performance with a brilliant 9.7” display and powerful 8-core processor. This tablet is no slouch! We especially recommend this for people who need a tablet for business use or to replace an aging computer at home. A separate case with a built-in keyboard can be purchased for this tablet, making it a breeze to message people or use productivity tools.

    • LG G Pad F 8.0 (2nd Gen) Tablet
      A midrange tablet that has some great features. There is a built-in stylus on the back that easily slides right in and out for ease-of-use. There is also a full-sized USB port on the top that can be used for a keyboard/mouse or many other accessories that are typically found on a PC. The smaller 8-inch size means this tablet travels very well and doesn’t put as much strain on your wrists as a larger tablet.

  • LG G5 Smartphone
    Flagship-level performance in the palm of your hand! The vibrant, high-resolution screen coupled with a speedy CPU means you’ll be making calls, messaging people, and switching between apps quickly. There are a couple of attachments (sold separately) that can be purchased that increase the phone’s overall flexibility. For example, unlike most modern phones, if the battery ever goes bad, it can be quickly, cheaply, and easily be replaced.

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