Amplified Home Phones

Increase the Volume of Your Landline!

This is for people who still use a landline as their main source of telecommunication but need more volume. The home phone amplifies audio by providing up to a 50dB boost in volume. In addition to being exceptionally loud, the buttons are large and easy to use. Lastly, the phone is bundled with a headset and a flashing ring signaler.

  • ClearSounds A700
    This is a cordless amplified home phone that provides a 40dB boost in volume. The large buttons make it easy to use, and it even has a built-in digital voicemail. There are 10 built-in ringtones, which is great for people who have a hard time with their current ringtone frequency.

  • ClearSounds WCSC60
    For people whose loss is more severe, the volume boost on this phone goes up to 50dB. The fact that it’s a corded phone means it’s perfect for the bedroom, though it will still work anywhere around the house. It has an easy-to-read Caller ID and extremely large buttons.

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