Specialized Telecommunication Assistance Program (STAP)

If you are a Texas resident with a hearing loss in both ears, you are likely eligible for a benefit that will help you more effectively communicate over the telecommunications networks. We encourage our patients to take advantage of this because it is a way to keep the brain active and healthy. The ability to communicate is within your brain, and just like any muscle, it should be regularly exercised to stay healthy. Your hearing loss should never interfere with your ability to have conversations with friends, family, and coworkers. The best part is that you never pay anything out of pocket, and the benefit can be used every 5 years!
Listed below are several voucher types and devices that we offer:

Amplified Home Phone

This is for people who still use a landline as their main source of telecommunication but need more volume. The phone amplifies audio by providing up to a 50dB boost in volume. In addition to being exceptionally loud, the buttons are sizable and user-friendly. Lastly, the phone is bundled with a headset and a flashing ring signaler. Learn more about the amplified home phones we offer!

Two-Way Texting Device (cell phone or tablet)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 offered through STAP program
If you don’t need more volume while talking on the phone, a device capable of texting may be a better fit. This could mean a phone or a tablet. The majority of our patients who utilize their benefit choose a tablet because they already have a smartphone, and a tablet can be used more easily to text with both hands. These devices are typically powered by Android, which is very similar to iOS. Learn more about the two-way texting devices we offer!

Amplified Cell Phone

These cell phones are small, easy to use, and a bit louder than most phones. This is for people who need more amplification while talking on their cell phone but don’t want a smartphone. Neither device is a smartphone; they are strictly designed for volume and simplicity. Learn more about the amplified cell phones we offer!

We handle all the paperwork on your behalf, whether or not someone has ever purchased hearing aids from us. If you’re interested in the program, we can help file your application and get you the device once your voucher arrives in the mail. If you already have a voucher, we can process it, and you’ll get the device you want. Call us today to start the application process for your free product!