Our Story

When your family owns a business, it takes the whole family to keep it going. As a second-generation dispenser and small business owner, I was exposed to many unique experiences growing up that have shaped the way I view business. My mother, Lori Cook, has a business model that is based on the premise of helping people. She always taught me “if you start with the right intentions for your patients, it will show in the success of your business”; a valuable lesson indeed.

I began my career in the hearing aid industry at age 16 and from scanning and shredding documents to sitting in on executive meetings, I have been involved in nearly every aspect of her business. After college, I returned back to her business to take over as her Director of Operations. During my time there, I realized that although we had helped thousands of people to that point, there was still an entire portion of the hearing-impaired population that was still under-served. It was from that very idea that we collaborated in crafting this business.

Our goal is to make sure that we can offer the same level of above and beyond customer service as seen with the Cook Hearing and Balance model, but in a totally new, more affordable way. While the concierge model (paying one price to be taken care of for the life of the hearing aid) is best for some lifestyles, others may prefer a pay-as-you-go model. Our core values here are transparency, honesty, and affordability in our business workings. My offer to you is a partner that will work with you no matter your circumstances to find the perfect hearing solution to fit your schedule and your budget. These values are not just words, but key beliefs of which we make business decisions; best shown by our independence from any single manufacturer. This means that we can work together to find the best fit for you, regardless of brand or technology level.

We at Hear-It-All are personally invested in the future of your hearing health and will take all necessary steps to help you reach your goal of healthy hearing, even if it isn’t through us. If we are so fortunate to have your business, it is my personal guarantee that you will be treated with respect by our competent and caring staff members no matter your situation.

If you are interested in what we have to offer, let us help you get back into the conversation by calling us at 512-357-8000!

If you aren’t quite sold just yet, we understand and respect that. Let us help you by offering some of our expertise on hearing aids, hearing loss, tinnitus, our services, or what people that were once in your position have to say about us.