Our Services

Hear-It-All was founded on the premise of opening up the world of hearing to a those who were previously turned away. Our practice is made up of caring, honest, and dedicated professionals that will work with people from all walks of life in order to achieve their best level of hearing health. Unlike most practices, Hear-It-All, Inc. follows an “unbundled” model for services which allows us to maintain such low price points as compared to our competitors. This means that while the price of follow up care is cooked into the overall price of our competitors, we offer 3 free appointments after the initial testing and allow you to choose whether you would like an all-inclusive service package or to pay individually for each appointment. The choice is yours!

Services offered at Hear-It-All, Inc.

Hearing Aids

Providing the latest in Bluetooth® hearing aids, digital hearing aids, and affordable hearing aid technology, Hear-It-All is trailblazer in offering big box pricing with exemplary, personalized patient care. Learn more about hearing aids!

Hearing Tests

Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art testing equipment and practices to ensure the most valid hearing tests possible. Learn more about hearing tests!

Tinnitus Therapy

While tinnitus typically begins with a hearing loss, it may also be due to neurological changes within your auditory system. Although it is quite difficult to pinpoint an exact cause, a comprehensive health history, along with audiometric testing and a tinnometer, is the best one-two punch for determining the cause and best treatment for tinnitus. Learn how we can help you manage your tinnitus symptoms!

We understand that taking the first step towards better hearing can be hard. Let us show you why it doesn’t have to be.