Unitron Moxi All

Remarkable conversations are all in the family.

Moxi All™

The Moxi All comes in five tiers (500, 600, 700, 800, Pro). As you move up in the technology level, you’ll find each hearing aid has more features than the last, but all of them have several basic features. The Moxi All is the world’s first hearing aid that combines rechargeable technology with the ability to connect directly to any mobile phone, not just iPhones! This revolutionary aid enables true hands-free conversations as you won’t even need to touch your phone to answer calls. In addition, you’re only one small accessory away from streaming audio from your TV, computer, tablet, and stereo straight into your hearing aids!

The next feature offered in the Unitron Moxi family is known as SoundCore; Unitron’s group of four intelligent features work together to understand your patient’s listening environment. This technology is constantly making fluid adjustments so that you can actively participate in every conversation, wherever you go. SoundCore’s features include:

  1. SoundNav – an automatic program identifies and classifies sounds across environments, with a focus on conversations.
  2. SpeechPro – Provides optimal speech understanding and localization, even in the most challenging environments.
  3. Sound Conductor – Dynamically balances features to provide speech understanding, comfort and natural sound.
  4. Spatial Awareness – Makes it easier to localize sound, providing a more natural, realistic listening experience.

Other features included with every model of Moxi hearing aids are Sound Stabilization, Experience Innovation, Convenience, and Fitting.

This new product is sure to make your life easier with its extensive features. If you want to learn more about these aids, all you have to do is ask!