Unitron Insera

Customized to fit your lifestyle

Unitron Insera™ hearing aids are custom made to fit your ears and your loss. These aids are primarily available in IIC (Invisible-in-the-canal) and CIC (Completely in-the-canal) and are designed to be as hidden as possible for those concerned about cosmetics. Each Insera hearing aids is molded in-office to fit comfortably to your ear’s shape and sent off to be created solely for you! In addition to the mold, Insera’s features, technology, and even the color are all matched to your liking. This ensures that you’re only paying for the things that you want to have!

The Technology

Unitron’s sophisticated EarMatch technology optimizes directional microphone performance that allows you to hear sounds from any direction as though it was directly in your ear. This, combined with SpeechPro and Spatial Awareness, provides a powerful stack of features to identify sounds, wherever they may come.

The Insera model has seven different variations as well depending on the needs of the customer. These variations include the Full Shell Directional, Half shell canal directional, Half shell canal omni, Mini canal directional, Mini canal omni, Completely-in-canal, and Invisible-in-canal. The Insera is a truly personal product, created for you and only you. Learn more about the Insera from our awesome team by scheduling your hearing test today!