Signia Pure Charge&Go

Ready, Charge, Go!

The new Signia Pure Charge&Go hearing aids are the only rechargeable hearing aids offering both a natural sounding own voice and direct streaming! These aids will support your active lifestyle, keeping you charged up and hearing clearly on the go, adding a true gem to an already robust family of Signia products!

What Separates Charge&Go from the Rest?

  • Unmatched charging capabilities– The Charge&Go comes with an inductive charger, meaning you don’t have to keep track of charging little batteries that are prone to getting lost! In addition to thisconvenience, the high-capacity, lithium-ion battery charges quickly and maintains a quality output to the wearer for longer!
  • Direct streaming from your Apple devices– The connectivity capabilities of the Signia Pure Charge&Go offer benefits such as:
    Taking your calls on the go by streaming them straight into your hearing aid.
    Listening to your favorite songs in crystal-clear audio. You can even adjust the volume when you use the myControl App!
    Take your TV on the go. Like listening to the news while you’re making dinner? With StreamLine TV, you can connect directly to your television through your aids!
  • A clear, crisp hearing experience– The technology behind the Charge&Go offers strong clarity and controls to keep your hearing quality top-notch, even on the go! Features such as the 3D Classifer, which provides automatic controls to adjust to your environment while moving around, are just another reason to love these hearing aids. The myControl app is the perfect compliment to this product, allowing you to do things like:
  • Start/Stop streaming
  • Adjust the volume and settings of TV, music, and phone calls
  • Change settings remotely and personalize your hearing experience

These are just a few of the things that make this new hearing technology special. If you would like to know more information we would be more than happy to help! We invite you to come experience the Hear-It-All difference.