Rexton Mosiac™

Rexton’s popular Mosaic™ behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids offer a flexible combination of hearing solutions with a wide range of technological features. Getting a natural listening experience with a high level of wearing comfort is possible with Mosaic.

Advanced technological features are included with Mosaic to better improve your listening experience. A few of these features are:

  • Directional microphones that allow you to concentrate fully on the conversation in front of you even while in a bustling environment.
  • Bandwidth compression provides a more robust range of sounds and allows better speech understanding.
  • Automatic classifier automatically categorizes sounds in recognizable environments without you having to press a button.

The Mosaic line features comfortable housing for virtually all hearing needs and wearing preferences. Every Mosaic hearing aid is fully featured with wireless remote audio streaming (with Smart Connect) and useful apps. The Mosaic product line contains models to fit all your needs; from rechargeable aids, slim aids, and even high-power Mosaic aids. Mosaic’s rugged features and capabilities are sure to last with you all day long.

Rexton Mosaic™ hearing aids are available at Hear-It-All along with affordable prices and unbeatable customer service. Talk to our clinician today to learn more!