Rexton InoX™

inoX™ click and fit is a hearing aid that’s completely-in-canal (CIC). This hearing aid is the solution to long waits for custom-fit CIC aids with the use of an innovative and comfortable soft sleeve that provides a quick custom fit right in our office! There’s no need to take and impression of your ear and deal with third party manufacturers, everything can be done in one simple step.

Some features of Rexton inoX include:

  • Durability withSecureTec™ IP67-rated technology. This allows your aids to be resistant to moisture, sweat, and dirt, so your hearing aids can keep up all day with you.
  • Voice Ranger which maintains a loudness of the focused speaker compared to other competing voices surrounding you.

With helpful accessories providing you with ultimate flexibility, the Rexton inoX gives you complete discretion with a high-quality sound experience. The Rexton inoX is available at Hear-It-All along with our always superb customer service! Call us today at 512-357-8000 to learn more!