Rexton Emerald

The Rexton Emerald receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are truly a fan favorite for those who wish to be discreet. While it’s small stature may be deceiving, Emerald hearing aids come fully loaded with technological features that keeps you connected to everything you want to hear.

These powerful little hearing aids offer incredible features some including:

  • High frequency compression which enables wearers to hear high frequency sounds, such as a doorbell or oven timer, in a range where the sound is best suited.
  • Digital noise reduction technology allows you to fully enjoy conversation in loud environments by subduing unwanted noise.
  • Directional microphones that allow you to concentrate fully on the conversation in front of you even while in a bustling environment.

Designed for a superior hearing experience in any environment while being completely discreet to others. Rexton Emerald hearing aids are available at Hear-It-All along with our always astounding customer service! Call today at 512-357-8000 to learn more about Rexton Emerald hearing aids and whether they’re the perfect solution for you!