Phonak Audéo B-R

Simple Effortless Sounds

With the pace of change in the world around us, isn’t it time that things became a bit simpler? Well, the Phonak Audéo B-R hearing aids were created with just that in mind; simplicity. The technology in these aids, known as Autosense OS, makes hearing effortless again. Its advanced capabilities allow it to sense your environment and automatically adjust to fit the requirements of your surroundings. All you need to do is turn it on and let them go to work!

If that isn’t easy enough for you, the batteries on these hearing aids are fully rechargeable (no more trips to the office for batteries!). In addition to this, the batteries last up to 24 hours on a single charge! How’s that for ease of use?

But enough about the effortless design, what about the features and functionality? Well, the Audéo B is also the top-rated hearing aid for music sound quality, featuring a plethora of different performance levels to meet your needs. Not to mention that these hearing aids have the highest IP rating (measure of moisture and dust-resistance) amongst all competing product lines.

The sound quality and speech recognition on these hearing aids, combined with the simplicity of use, make them a must-have for those with better things to do than mess with their hearing aids. Ask your hearing specialist about the Phonak Audéo B-R today!