Hearing Aid Prices

Why Are Hear-It-All’s Hearing Prices So Low?

To fully understand what makes the Hear-It-All model special, you must first understand the current state of the hearing aid sales market. Currently, most practices utilize what is called a “bundled” model, where the price reflects the cost of service, batteries, and of course, the cost of the hearing aid itself. While this works well for those with an insurance benefit or simply those that prefer a more “all-inclusive” hearing aid experience, the high price tag associated with that style prevents many from ever doing anything about their hearing.

That’s where Hear-It-All really shines. We have undertaken the rigorous task of recreating the hearing aid pricing model in order to open up the joys of hearing to those who don’t have the means or inclination to purchase before now. At Hear-It-All, Inc. we have gone against the crowd by doing things such as:

  • Unbundling Service, Warranty, and Batteries from the Price of a Hearing Aid
  • Worked with Our Suppliers to Create the Best Value Possible
  • Allowing Our Patients to File Their Own Insurance

We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice service and a quality product just to get a low-cost hearing aid. Giving outstanding patient care is one of the pillars of our company and is a key part of what makes Hear-It-All so successful. If you or a loved one has previously been denied the right to better hearing due to a hefty price tag or becoming frustrated with sub-par service, we invite you to call us and let us show you the Hear-It-All difference.