Unitron believes that your hearing experience should be just as unique as the you. It is with this in mind that they offer a one-of-a-kind, totally personalized hearing experience through their FLEX:Trial™. With FLEX:Trial™, hearing aid wearers are able to receive individualized answers to their particular hearing challenges allowing them to feel in control and more involved in their hearing aid selection process.

With the FLEX:Trial™, users are able to try out Unitron’s trial hearing aids over a predetermined trial period. As you experience the difference in hearing the sounds you’ve forgotten, the aids record information about your lifestyle. The obtained data is then recorded onto their Log-It-All™ software. This allows your hearing aid professional to see real data on how the aids worked for you in your daily life. The significance of this key feature is that once the trial period is over, professionals are able to utilize the feedback report to actually show you what environments you spent the most time in and recommend a technology level that best suits your lifestyle!

We know that selecting hearing aids can be a daunting task. You may have a million questions on which hearing aids are right for you or what the difference is between models, and you’re not alone. It’s common for those diagnosed with hearing loss to come across a wide range of questions before they decide to take action. The FLEX:Trial™ is designed to offer users the opportunity to try before you buy and actually see the benefits firsthand so you can be confident that the technology you choose is best suited for you. To learn more about Unitron FLEX:Trial™ make an appointment, and let us show you the Hear-It-All difference!